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WASH: Gently hand wash your item with warm water and dish soap. To prevent warping, make sure to wash both the top and bottom of the board, in addition to the sides and edges. Likewise, wash both the interior and exterior of your bowl, allowing for even moisture throughout the wood.

DRY: Immediately after rinsing your board/bowl clean, wipe it down thoroughly with a towel and let it air-dry overnight. Stand your board on its edge so that both large faces are exposed. Leave your bowl face up to dry.

OIL: Every few washes, treat with oil and wax. Regular maintenance will prevent cracking and warping, ensuring that your item performs at its best and looks great over time. Try our Board and Bowl Butter.

AVOID: Do not soak in water or put in the dishwasher. Avoid lengthy exposure to direct sunlight.

ENJOY: Made with premium materials and craftsmanship that lasts, this will be your kitchen companion for years to come.